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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

You will begin to heal

Yoga Day 23--What I got from today's yoga, along with the exercise, is a theme of forgiveness. There are things I have to forgive others for, but I also need to quit being so hard on myself for having gotten into this condition in the first place.  I need to forgive myself, let go of the shame I feel when I see my thighs in the mirror, and just keep moving forward.

A friend of mine has been through major rounds of chemotherapy, and her bones are now too weak to carry her frame. She broke a rib by bending the wrong way. She's got to lose a lot of weight. She says she is embarrassed for letting herself get to this point, especially after losing weight with the chemo. What she does not realize is how the rest of us stand in awe of her.

Her body has literally had a fight for its life, and she has come through with strength, grace, and courage.  She posted constantly in Facebook about faith, and kept doing crafts for her family and others as long as she was able.  She keeps pushing herself to do loving things for others. She sent out wonderful valentine packages for all her grandchildren, among the other things she does.

Because of her weakness, my friend can't even begin to exercise yet; she has started a strict diet plan that there is no way I would want to follow, and set up appointments for physical therapy. Hats off to her, and to all of us who are in the struggle.

I find myself thinking--she did all this, while I did what?  Crossword puzzles?  Read books? Watched TV?  So you see I need to make more progress in my forgiveness journey.  Just recognizing it is a good start, isn't it?

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