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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Setting my next SMART goals

Keeping in mind SMART goals, I've been working on my next goal for exercise. I really liked the 30 days challenges, which I completed in about 77 days. (2x30 days each) + (13 Sundays off) + (abt. 4 days missed)= abt. 77.

I don't want to do exactly the same challenges again, so I am thinking about mixing it up a bit. This time I will do a little longer challenge, adding in a few things.  Adriene sends out a weekly link to a new yoga routine, so I will incorporate some of those in with repeating the 30 days of yoga.  I really liked the one she sent out the week of Valentine's day.

I will still walk; as I mentioned I have added in 2-miles, and having achieved the previous goal, I will reward myself with a new video. I am also going to substitute bicycle riding once in a while. I need to get a helmet before I can do that.

  • Specific - I will do charts like I did before, with the prescribed workout for each day.
  • Measurable - with the charts I know exactly how much I have done and how far to go. The long-term hope for general health is kind of vague, but the days I have exercised are perfectly measurable. 
  • Achievable - I'm only adding in a little to what I have successfully achieved before.
  • Relevant - Exercising in an achievable, safe way will help me reach long-term general health.
  • Time-sensitive - they are done as part of a daily routine. There is no pressure to do more faster; in fact that could be detrimental. There is also the goal to achieve them by the end of a specific time period.   I'm still working on that to make the decision of exactly how many days to put into each goal. I am going to a son's wedding in September; that's a ways out but might be a good time to aim at finishing up this segment. 

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