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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My SMART Goal Charts

I worked up my exercise goals and number of days and end dates.

My plan is to accomplish  80 sessions of exercise in 100 days or less, completing the charts by June 29. This allows for the actual 80 sessions, 14 Sundays off, and a leeway of six days.  I don't plan to miss days or get sick, but if it happens, I don't want to derail myself.  Then it turns into an all-or-nothing plan.

I'm showing you my charts now, because by the time I get the 80 days done I will have them all covered with stickers.  I numbered the yoga days up to 30, because those are the days I will repeat the "30 Days of Yoga."  The other days have their own special activities, still working out with Adriene until almost the end.

"The Firm" and "Yoga for Healing" are from DVD's I have; all the rest are the weekly ones sent out by Adriene.

The days are numbered to include a day out on a bike every 5th day or so. I might have to rearrange if it rains.  Note the progression from beginner (5th) to barely there (10th) on up to accomplished (40th). I don't expect to be accomplished after only 8 rides, really, but I like the way it shows progress.  By the time I completed the 30 days of Yoga and went back to Day 1, I was amazed at how much I could do.  I posted about what my yoga looked like, Animals doing yoga, but now I don't look like that at all.  It is great to "repeat" the session because I can see so much progress. I am doing it so differently that it's almost like doing something completely new. 

I'm not so proud as to think anyone really wants my charts, but just in case, I have them saved in .pdf and would be happy to send them your way if you want them.

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