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Friday, February 5, 2016

A day or two ahead. Too bad I can't do that with exercise too.

I'm actually writing this on Wednesday. I had some topics in mind and got a day or two ahead on blog postings. This means I can take a day off if I need to.  So far I haven't. I've been keeping up with my schedule pretty well, but that's about all I've been doing.

I wish I could get a day or two ahead on exercise, too, and skip a day now and then. However, the body does not really work that way. A day skipped here and there, no matter what shape I'm in, will have a price.  Muscles do atrophy.  When I skip days, it just makes it harder to restart. Maybe when I get really in shape, this won't be true any more. Maybe I'll still be strong. For now, I have to be consistent.

Besides, I'm not really in shape to do two days' exercise at once. It's easy to get ahead with the blog; just put in a little more time.  But with exercise, that's a lot more effort. I'm more likely to hurt myself.  So I keep staying on pace, challenging myself but not overdoing it.

At least I hope I'm not overdoing it.  I've been in increasing pain over the last few days. I don't know if I'm coming down with something, or if it's a new food that I'm reacting to.  I've only been eating one new thing, and I thought I read the ingredients carefully, but this whole food management thing can be tricky.  At any rate, I will stop eating that thing, get plenty of rest after  my daily routine, and see if I can shake this off.

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