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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Job Interview

Disclaimer: this is not really me,
and I did not wear the hat.
And I smiled. At least I think I did.
I had a job interview today.  I was concerned about how I would present myself, especially with my weight issues. I took care with how I dressed, made sure my hair was behaving, and put on a touch of lipstick. I was early. I had a resume with me. I was so prepared!

I got there and the door was still locked.  I noticed there was another door at the other end of a long hall, so I wondered if I should go around. That's what I hate about job interviews; they make me feel so insecure.  I know I'm more than qualified for this company, which will probably underpay me, but a stupid little question about which door to enter makes me feel totally insecure and unprepared.

Disclaimer: this is not really the guy. 
This is Hank Green. The clothes are
about the same, though. I didn't get 
a picture of the actual interviewer. 
What am I going to sayCan I take 
your picture so I can blog about you?
The back door, it turns out, is the main door they use, since it is closest to the parking lot.  There is a little reception area, and the guy came right out to meet me. This man is probably younger than my children, and was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt over a tee.  The world sure has changed. So I probably look like an old fuddy-duddy there in my skirt and jacket.  Oh well; I still think it best to dress appropriately.

One of my sons, when in his early twenties, was hired to be a restaurant host. The employer told him the thing that made him stand out was that he was the only applicant to show up in a tie. Today, when I handed this manager my resume, he said I was the only one who has done that, and it's a good thing to do.  He quickly put me at ease as we talked. He seemed to be as nervous as I was.  All the questions come from a form, and he's required to ask them all, even if they seem repetitive (which some did.)

Of course I don't know yet if I got the job, but he's talking background check, so I think I'm in.  It's very part-time at first, but is expected to grow into all the hours I can pick up.  That's perfect for now. So, after all the library degree, I may become a tutor once again.  I'm still looking for a library job; there's a possibility I can do both if the hours work out right, but I love tutoring. It's a very satisfying work.

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