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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Warming Up

It's a beautiful day outside! The weather is warming up a bit today.

I bet you thought the title meant exercise warm-ups, didn't you?  Well, it does, really--I just have to enjoy the beautiful day for a moment first.

 I just want to comment that I have found that the same warm-up I use for a walking workout is good for a yoga workout. It gets the muscles and joints loose and warm, ready for a good stretch.  I learned this in yoga class a few years ago--a brisk exercise is good before stretching, and a good stretch after exercising. The one I do is not brisk, but it does get me loosened up and ready to stretch.

One of my Leslie Sansone videos (5 Day Slim Down) has separate warm up and cool down segments, so the warm up is good to do before both walking and yoga.

Ooh--when I went looking for this picture--which is from saw pictures of a whole lot of Leslie DVD's I don't have.  I just might have to get myself a new one next month. I have a lot, but rotating them through and having change in the routine really helps me to stick with it.

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