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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Здравствуйте, друзья из России

I'm having an off day, but I could not waste it completely.  The force of habit is too strong now, so the only thing I have skipped so far is exercise.  I am very tired today.

I don't know what triggered it, but for some reason this week I have more hits from Russia than any other country, including the United States of America.  I hope the translation worked correctly and it really says hello to my friends from Russia and not some highly offensive thing.  How much do I trust Google?

I find myself thinking through slang and idioms now as I think of my words being translated into a language other than English. How much is lost when I use contractions and other typical American constructs?  I suppose if people comment in their own language and I have to use Google Translate, I will get some idea of it.

It can be fun to enter something into the translator, have it translate into a foreign language, and then translate it back.  For example, the paragraph above--to Russian and back--comes out like this: 

I find myself thinking through slang and idioms now, when I think about his words being translated into a language other than English --Raznoe. What is lost when I use the abbreviations and structure --Raznoe typical American? I believe that if the people like in their native language, and I have to use Google Translate, I get a glimpse of him.

En Français

Je me surprends à penser à travers l'argot et les idiomes maintenant que je pense à mes mots en cours de traduction dans une langue autre que l'anglais. Combien est perdue lors de l'utilisation de contractions et d'autres constructions typiques américains? Je suppose que si les gens commenter dans leur propre langue et je dois utiliser Google Translate, je vais vous faire une idée de lui.

It is fairly close, but that was a careful paragraph. What happens if I type the way I usually do?  I'm usually full of contractions and slang.  Instead of saying "I am very tired today"  I might say "I'm beat."  Or "I'm worn out today."  I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow. Such a night owl, it's my own fault for staying up late yet again...Juan Moore strikes again!  Yikes!  I've got to get my bedtimes under control. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I'm going to try to translate this one now.

It's pretty close, but it was a cautious point. What happens if I type as I usually do? I usually full of abbreviations and slang. Instead of saying: "I am very tired today," I could say, "I beat." Or "I'm worn out today." I can not wait to get my head touched the pillow. This owl is my own fault for late again ... Juan Moore strikes again! Oh! I have to get my bedtime under control. Meanwhile, at the ranch ... I'm going to try to translate this now.

I used to have fun trying to read my son's Facebook posts with his friends from the Philippines. Sometimes it just doesn't work!

Well, playtime is over. Good-bye, my friends, Russian, American, and everyone else. I saw some French in there earlier this week, and someone from Uganda.  It is nice to have such a worldwide audience. 

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