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Saturday, February 6, 2016

You bet your boots!

When I was 12 years old, knee-high boots were in fashion.  I wanted a pair so bad! Black leather knee-high boots! I just knew I would be so stylish in those boots!

Imagine my delight when I opened the big box under the Christmas tree, and it was a boot box! I carefully took off the paper and opened the box, and it was boots!  oh. Brown boots.  The only ones Mom could find in my size with slim enough legs  (and probably the only affordable ones.)  In my family, we did not take things back unless they did not fit. We smiled and said thank you, and wore the things at least a few times.  

And darn it, those brown boots fit.  It turned out I actually liked them, but they were just a bit loose so they liked to kind of crumple down my legs. I had to pull them up every now and then.

My parents did not let us wear sheer nylons until we were at least 13, so I remember wearing those boots with dark brown opaque tights. Skirts at knee-length or much higher were still in fashion, though with my dad--well, skirts at knee-length were in fashion. So if I was lucky, you could actually see an inch or two of brown tights.  I felt so grown up in my knee-high boots and brown tights. 

Fast forward 40 years, and I'm in school for my Master's degree, and boots are in style on campus. Admittedly, the younger students were wearing them with short skirts and/or leggings.  I decided to go get a pair, which I could wear with jeans tucked in or a knee-length skirt.  So off I go to a store with boots on sale and I find lots of cute boots. Black boots. Brown boots.  Boots with elastic. Boots with buckles. Boots with fancy trim. High heeled boots. Low-heeled boots.  Lots of boots to try on!  And then, alas, every pair too tight.  Not one pair that would pull up, or zip, or buckle, or stretch, around my calves.

I bought a pair of ankle boots that were stylish and great for snow days, but they just weren't the knee-high boots I was hoping for.  I could probably have gotten some at a big/tall shop or online, but I also figured they would cost more. And honestly?  I was tired and did not want to shop any more.  I just wasn't quite committed enough to those boots.

Inside I wanted to feel like this: 

Not sure where to credit this picture...

and look like this:

But the real me felt more like a fat, tired, old lady.
Thursday I ran an internet search for plus size boots and there are tons!  However, I want my next boots to be skinny boots, even if I have to wear them in my 90's! 

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