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Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

My husband was smart enough to avoid buying me sweets for Valentine's Day. So what did I do?  I made brownies!

I made one very small pan of mint brownies.  I ate two small pieces, the total size being smaller than one of my chocolate muffins.  So did my husband.
I packaged up the rest and put them in the fridge and freezer.

Our church women's group leaders had beautiful iced cookies for everyone.  They very thoughtfully got me my own special pre-packaged gluten-free lemon sugar cookie.  It was a big cookie, but I shared it with my children's class. I ate the rest while waiting for my husband after choir practice, instead of a protein bar. That's not the healthiest choice, but I applaud myself for not eating both!

One of the children gave me a chocolate-covered marshmallow heart. That one was easy. There's very likely milk in the chocolate, so that one went to my husband.

And that is the sum of Valentine's Day damage.  I think I will survive it.  Maybe next year I'll make a lovely salad with heart-shaped veggies like my daughter-in-law did for a party for her children and their friends. She's a very clever mom. They also put together heart-shaped pizzas.

What child could truly resist these vegetables?

I suspect that's veggeroni.

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