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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Allergy Shots...starting over

Due to moving, I had to get retested for allergies. Even after more than two years of allergy shots, I still tested positive to nearly everything.  All the trees, grasses, pets, dust...everything but a few molds. I'm practically allergic to air.

My arm the day after allergy testing.  It's a good thing I'm not
planning to wear a sleeveless outfit in the next few days.
It sounds like the doctor is planning to get me up to much higher doses than the previous doctor did. I hope it is more effective this time around.  I would really like to be done with this eventually. He gave me a calendar of when the worst allergy season is in Indiana...but with all my allergies it's pretty much year-round.

I wonder, though, about something I just thought of.  I used to garden and did great through planting and growing season and then just kind of gave out and lost interest right about harvest season. I wonder now if that's when my fall allergies kicked in and it was just one thing too many for my system to handle.

He advised me to put allergy protectors on my mattress and pillow, to wash all the bedding in hot water at least once a week, and to clean the reservoir on my CPAP humidifier more often. Sometimes staying healthy is an awful lot of work.

He also advised me to run the fan on the furnace all the time instead of on auto, so the air is constantly circulating and getting filtered, and of course to change the filter regularly.  I didn't ask him about my houseplants.  I just keep them out of the bedroom and hope for the best.

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