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Friday, January 22, 2016

Sock it to me

Last summer, when we traveled, my feet started swelling up like crazy, especially my left food.  I talked with my doctor about it and he recommended I wear compression socks when I travel.  I bought a couple of pairs, but I also have several pairs of Dr. Scholl's Diabetic Socks in knee length. They are not as tight as compression socks. I don't have diabetes; I bought them originally because they are nice and warm and have thick, soft soles, and it gets cold in Iowa in the winter.  Since I was spending time outdoors catching buses and walking to class, I appreciated having nice warm socks.

Well, the compression socks did the trick, along with riding around with my seat back and my feet up on the dashboard.  I also discovered that with them I don't need the special plantar fasciitis socks I had been wearing.  I still ache once in a while, but generally as long as I wear good shoes and socks, that is enough.  Now I usually wear the Doctor Scholl's and I'm quite comfortable.

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