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Saturday, January 9, 2016

What's with all these animals doing yoga anyway?

Image from

With my sore left wrist and sore right knee, yoga can get interesting at times. I modify, and then modify some more, but I am getting a little stronger.  

Downward Dog

Photo from Flickr, by Sarah Siblik.  License: Creative Commons

My version: Not even close, even if I put my weight on my fists instead of hands flat.
Photo from Flickr, by Mike Lewinski. License: Creative Commons


By Kennguru, on Wikimedia. Photo and Licensing.

Me: On my elbows. Or just on the floor. 

Cat and Cow

Photo Credit:

Me:  I'm okay if put my weight toward my left knee and right hand. I probably list a bit.

Child's Pose

I can do it! The pressure is off of my knees, and my wrist stretched out, so it's easy. I'm sure I don't look as pretty as this girl: 

Photo by Anne Wu, Flickr.

However, you're just as likely to find me like this: 

Mary Cassatt, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair
I love Mary Cassatt's paintings.

Or this--now, that's a comfortable child!  Interestingly, this photo actually demonstrates a neck exercise.  

Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex

But hey, at least I'm stretching, right?  I've started following the "30 Days of Yoga" with Adriene.  I won't get done in 30 consecutive days, since I alternate it with a walking program and take Sundays off, but I just finished day 4. 

Adriene, Day 1

I figured out I can get YouTube with my Roku, so I can stream the videos to my TV without having to download them to a DVD.  The best part of it is that after the first two, there were no ads. I guess the advertisers figured nobody sticks with it. But I am!  Modified, yes, but I am doing something!

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