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Monday, January 4, 2016

Where the Driveway Meets the Sidewalk

In late fall, I took a fall. (don't you just love the English language?)

About a month ago, I was leaving the home of a new friend in the dark. As I walked out to my car, I tripped right where the driveway meets the sidewalk.  Down I went, not just flat, but further due to the angle of the driveway going down. All my weight, kaboom!--onto concrete. My left hand and right knee caught the worst of it.

At first my hand felt quite swollen, but x-rays show no bones broken in my wrist. It has settled into a dull ache, unless I twist a certain way or try to use the muscles, like opening a jar lid. Then it really hurts! I still wear a wrist brace the majority of the time.

After about two weeks, my knee kept getting worse, to the point that a slight bump felt like someone was stabbing me from inside my knee. Again, I went to the clinic, and got my knee x-rayed. Nothing is broken, but I do have a preexisting bone spur. The doctor did suggest very little exercise for a couple more weeks to give my knee a chance to heal. So much for getting a jump start on exercise so that it's not a New Year's Resolution!

My has gradually been getting better. Now if I put weight on it, it feels like someone is holding a sharp knife to the inside of my knee, but not the stabbing sensation of before.  I think it's time to see an orthopedic specialist.

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