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Saturday, January 16, 2016

If the shoe fits, wear it. And if it doesn't fit, figure out why. Is it you or the shoe?

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These shoes are the ones my podiatrist recommended for
my narrow, high-arch feet. They have good ankle  support too.

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I was doing side steps in my exercise routine, and I noticed my feet slipping side to side in my shoes. This happened with both my favorite pairs of shoes.  On each pair, I had to tighten up the laces a tiny bit. It's the first sign of my body shrinking.  I was feeling discouraged because I don't think my waistline is any looser, or my body looking any more toned, but my feet started slipping in my shoes. That's encouraging.

I have already started seeing emotional and mental benefits of sticking to a daily routine that includes exercise, but it was nice to see the physical benefits, no matter how tiny, start to show up. Yay for shoes!

Reebok DMX Ride, Road Supreme, DMX Shear.
These shoes are some of the most comfortable
I've found for my narrow, high-arched feet.

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  1. What type of things do you do for your daily routine? I have been trying to create one myself that way I'm spending my days doing things that matter (and make me happy), instead of wasting it away watching shows and being on social media.