My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, January 25, 2016

Social media is becoming more and more unsocial.

As part of my time/routine, I'm cutting back on how often I check on e-mail or Facebook. I don't even bother with Twitter.  It amazes me how little of value is posted on FB.  More and more, people just post memes or videos. They're cute, informational, disturbing, sometimes fake, or whatever, but they are not why I go there. I want to see people's real news. 

I know FB was designed originally for sharing of ideas academically, but then it mutated to being open to the public, and people shared personal pictures and news. Now I see less and less of that, and more "stuff."  I called it "junk" but then decided it was not an accurate term. Some of them may indeed be valuable messages, but I can waste a lot of time scrolling through them to find the real ones. I have to admit that I occasionally post a meme myself if it's particularly funny or I want to share it with a family member, but I try not to. 

When I think about it, I haven't even made a personal post for days, possibly weeks. (Does that make me a lurker?) When I do, it's usually because I want congratulations or sympathy!  I never understood why my siblings rarely go on, but I'm really starting to see it now. 

I stay on and check it, mainly because of a couple of particular family members who do post pictures often. (Thanks Holly!) I may just unfriend everyone else! 

I have one son who completely canceled his account, but his wife posts occasionally, and I enjoy her pictures. Another no longer uses it on his phone, and rarely on the computer.  His girlfriend rarely posts either.  Another son posts a lot of memes but he texts me directly or calls if he wants to tell me something. So Facebook becomes less and less valuable to me, and I am cutting back.

I do enjoy a local church group that posts announcements, needs, and things they have to give away. It's a great resource for that, one of the reasons I don't just give it up entirely. 

What does this have to do with fitness?  Well, fitness is also about mental and emotional health, and I'm coming to the conclusion that social media is providing very little of either for me at this time in my life.


  1. I de-activated my FB account in November thinking I would just take a break for a week or two--I was working on something and didn't want the added distraction. I fully expected to miss FB, (thus the initial plan to return) but I quickly discovered that I felt better (emotionally) without it, and as of right now I don't know when (or if) I will reactivate my account.

    I do miss checking in on friends, so I'm grateful you are posting on your blog. I didn't know you moved!

  2. Thank you Trudy! We moved (again!) in November. It's a killer, getting harder every time. In one of our job interview trips, we drove through Tennessee, right through Nashville. Beautiful place and someday I hope to see more of it.