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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Fitness

I take Sunday off officially from working out.  The reality is that I teach 3-year-old children in a church class. That is quite a workout itself!  Teaching these young children does not mean everyone sitting quietly in a chair. Oh no!  There are activity songs and verses galore!

This is Pete.
Jump, Pete, Jump!
One day I made a paper doll and called him Pete.  The idea of the lesson was for the children to begin to understand that their bodies have spirits that make them alive.  We put Pete on a chair, and then we all jumped up and down, trying to get Pete to jump with us. Of course he didn't!  The children said he couldn't see, so I drew on eyes, and then we jumped again...added a mouth...again...ears...again.  We all loved the activity and boy did I get a workout!

When the children get wiggly, I will have them stand up, do a few arm circles, stretch up high, and so forth, to release a bit of that energy and help them focus.  Now, the thing with children is that you have to lead by example, so I get lots and lots of exercise.  It's one of the most fun ways I know to exercise, but I've got to start taking a water bottle to class with me!  Which will no doubt mean needing mini cups, because if I have some, the children will want it too.  

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