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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Signs of Things to Come

I don't feel like I'm seeing any real visual difference in my body yet, but there are other signs of progress--signs that give me hope, encouragement, even determination to continue to seek for fitness and health. Positive Signs! 

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+   When I got dressed Friday morning I noticed that I had to go the a different hook than usual on a certain item of clothing. Upon checking the size, I realized I was wearing the smallest one I currently have, and I had to tighten it by about a half inch.  Yay!  So, I can't see any difference, but that's a sign as plain as can be.
+ When my husband came in from an activity while I was eating breakfast the same day, he said he was starting to see a difference in me from my exercising. I look a tiny bit more toned to him. Well, at least I know he's looking!  
+ I am feeling a bit better, not so depressed. I actually want to do things, though I'm so slow some days that I don't get much of them done, but I have made some progress in getting my home together.

+ On top of all that, I am losing cravings. It's like this time once I'd made up my mind, I don't eat when I shouldn't. Oh sure, I still like chocolate chunks, but I only eat them for a tiny energy boost on a tired afternoon, only if I'm hungry, and only a certain amount. Before I would eat more than that, and then want more. Now I am savoring the taste, eating it slowly, and stopping at the smaller amount.  It's pretty amazing.  I guess the difference is that I am not mindlessly eating anything I think about, but I am mindfully eating small amounts, paying attention to my body signals.  I am also trying on most days to only eat one kind of chocolate. 

If I have a small glass of chocolate milk, then no chocolate chunks, and no chocolate muffin.  

As you can tell, chocolate has been a weakness for me. I hadn't even realized it, until I started paying attention, and even more as I type this. I probably still eat more than I should, but I have cut way back, definitely a sign of progress. 

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