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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Did you celebrate Nollaig na mBan yesterday? Interesting that I could be celebrating a holiday that I never heard of.

Yesterday a Facebook post from "Find My Past" asked the question,
"Are you celebrating Nollaig na mBan today?
In Irish tradition, January 6th is 'Women's Christmas', the day when women, who shouldered most of the holiday-related workload, finally get the chance to kick back.
"Even if you're not fully celebrating the tradition, it might be a good day to do something nice for whoever in your household worked hard over the holidays!"
I laughed when I saw it, because I missed part of the daily routine I'm trying to establish as a habit, and then mostly goofed off all day.  Well, it looks like I had a great excuse.  Now for the other 365 days of 2016...I wonder what other holidays may come my way.
I found some interesting links about Little Christmas, or Women's Christmas, as it may also be called.  
Of course, there is Wikipedia, but for a modern take on it, check out How to Celebrate Nollaig na mBan (Women's Little Christmas) Today.  
Think about the song that says "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." Though the song appears to be written for Christmas itself, all but a few words apply equally well, if not better, to Nollaig na MBan. It's not just a day off, but a social day, in which the women go visiting or go out to tea. Next year I would like to truly take such a day. 
Just be sure you don't call it Little Women's Christmas!  

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