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Monday, January 18, 2016

These boots are made for walking. These shoes are made for falling down.

I decided next time it snows I'll wear boots to church, and not worry about what anyone thinks. We had so little snow--probably less than a quarter inch on the parking lot--but that was just enough for my feet to fly out from under me and send me flat on my back.

I am grateful that I fell on my back this time and not on the same knee and hand.  I picked myself up, made my way over to the car, and then drove across the parking lot to a space right in front of the church.  I went in, signaled to my husband to leave choir practice, and asked for a blessing from him and another elder from our church.  I was promised that it would not set me back and I would have no long-term damage.

Today I ache all over, especially my neck, but I still managed to do yoga and the rest of my daily routine. I am excited to do more in my home, which is still in half-messy mode from moving two months ago.  It's starting to look great, though.

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