My Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Scale variations

I got myself a new scale!  It's shiny and pretty and it shows my weight as 0.6-0.8 pounds heavier than my old one.  Decision time!  Should I adjust my weight goals or simply accept the discrepancy and move on?  I can't quite decide which has the better emotional effect.

There are many scales out there that do fancy things like connect to Bluetooth, measure BMI, tell you how much fat you have, or bone density, or numerous other bells and whistles. They can cost anywhere from about $30 to $200.  According to Consumer Reports, none of them are terribly accurate on those other types of measurements, though they do weigh fairly consistently.  According to Amazon Ratings, many of them also have trouble with the wi-fi connections.  Apparently they still have a way to go to truly integrate their technology.

I don't want all those things; I just want a consistently accurate weight.  In order to find one that does that, I went back to Consumer Reports from 2010 (Thank you Public Library databases!) and looked at the earlier digital ratings.  I found most of the scales for sale on Amazon, so after executing a complicated cost/performance analysis, using the data from Consumer Reports and Amazon ratings, I chose a top-rated one that was under $25 and ordered it. I'm not thrilled with the design, but so far I haven't found scales in the red and gold I would like for my bathroom.

The one I chose after all that is the Taylor 7577, pictured above.  Now let's just hope the numbers go down consistently!


  1. Do you have Wii fit? I know the Wii board has a scale configuration. Not sure how accurate the scale is though.

  2. No, I have Wii, but not the fit. I'm probably going to sell the Wii anyway, because we mainly used it to watch Netflix, and now we have a Roku. I love it! I can also get several other channels I like, including YouTube.

    1. OK. That's mostly what we used our Wii for until I got rid of Netflix. Then I barely used it. Something about being in school and having lots of homework.