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Friday, January 8, 2016

What I hate about being fat--the things we don't talk about

"Lynn loves long, hot showers."  From Bitstrips, a Facebook app.

It's a rather delicate subject, things that in the past we didn't talk about much, but today we can mention nearly anything, right?  So, I am going to mention the issue of personal hygiene.

All I have to say is this--it's harder to keep clean when there are places that are hard to reach.  Of course I manage--as other people do--but it can take a little longer. It's not just reaching, either. It's moving that roll of fat that is my belly and cleaning under it, and so forth.

One blessing I have is a shower with a hose. I highly recommend it. It's great for pregnant women too. It's great for anyone really. Now I can soap up and then pull down that shower head and rinse all the nooks and crannies to get the soap off.  It makes life easier and infinitely more pleasant for me. And I'm sure the people around me appreciate it that I don't smell. And then toweling dry--again with the reaching and stretching and moving and shifting body parts just to get dried off again.

Let me tell you a secret about that shower head. It also makes cleaning out the tub and shower so much easier!  You just scrub everything down and then lift off that shower head and let loose with the spray and voila! All rinsed off! I do recommend closing the door or shower curtain first though--or you'll need a few more of those oversize towels!

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